Q1. Are you interested in starting your own business in Korea?

Q2. Are you thinking of ways to transition from teaching English in Korea to doing something else that isn’t teaching English in Korea that will allow you to create a sustainable living in Korea?

Q3. Are you interested in expanding your business into Korea or even out of Korea?

Q4. Do you just want to learn about doing business in Korea so that you can start your own one day?

Q5. Are you doing business in Korea, but are feeling unmotivated and need some encouragement?

If you answered yes to at least one of the questions previously asked, then you are at the right place!

Marketing Korea interviews people who have already answered one or more of the questions previously asked. There are interviews with people who have online businesses, offline businesses, education related businesses, services, startups, etc. Some businesses are large and have serviced literally millions of customers/clients/guests, some are small and are just starting out, while others are one person run businesses or freelancing services. Whatever the size, shape or color of the business, they all have one thing in common, they are Marketing in/from Korea or to people in Korea in one form or another. This site also has information on what kinds of marketing and selling tactics work in Korea, as well as encouraging words to push you to reach your business goals.

Marketing in Korea not only shows you examples of successful businesses and great tips, but we also show you WHO is behind the business. And allow you to meet them through the podcast. Check out our Business Directory to see a full list of our guests, as well as others.

If you are interested in being interviewed, read the following information. 

Condition: You need to have a business, a product, a cause, or an actual service that you are actively marketing in Korea. You don’t have to be perfect at it nor do you have to even be successful, but you should have some experience, and some tips for others.
If this is you, contact us and tell us:
1. Who are you and What do you do?
2. How did you get to Korea and transition into what you are doing now?
3. What kind of marketing experience in Korea do you have?
4. What helpful marketing tips, experiences or stories can you share with the community?
5. Any final words? (This is your opportunity to sell yourself and whatever it is you are marketing)
*To see a sample interview, visit http://www.marketinginkorea.com/002/ 

We will share some messages back and forth, and find out a time to have the interview (or you can just send me the above information, as well as other information such as contact info, links, etc.) You can also send me a 400px (height) X 700px (width) image to be used as the feature image of your post. No other images please.The interview can be done via email or done through Skype and will be recorded for people to access on our podcast.

*I’m best available weekday mornings before 1:00pm and am flexible to make time during the weekends.

All interviews will be recorded on skype, then edited, then turned into a podcast episode.

And me, I’m Tony Choi, The Host of Marketing in Korea. Here’s a photo of me:

You can find out more about me by visiting my linkedin page: https://kr.linkedin.com/in/tonyteacher

I look forward to hearing from you.

Contact Tony Choi: marketinginkorea@gmail.com 
Tony Choi
Former teacher and current English Hagwon owner
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