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MIK052 – Starting a Business in Korea: 20 plus reviews in our first few months

This is the fifth episode in a series of podcasts where I talk about starting a business in Korea.

This episode is about getting reviews/testimonials for your business and how I have been able to get more than 20 reviews within my first few months of launching my online Flower delivery business, which delivers flowers and gifts to parts of South Korea.

Helpful Links:

Flower Gift Korea Review Page: FlowerGiftKorea.com/reviews

Facebook Review Page: Facebook.com/flowergiftkorea/reviews

Our Google Review Page: Google Reviews

Check out the podcast to hear in detail more about this topic.

MIK051 – Starting a Business in Korea: Where My Sales are Made

This is the fourth episode in a series of podcasts where I talk about starting a business in Korea.

This episode is about my sales and where most of my sales have been taking place. This is a great episode because you can get an idea of what kinds of social media you should be using and what kind of engagement you can get on them. Also, this will give you an idea of where you can actually sell to people and what kinds of tools you should be using to grow your business in Seoul, South Korea.

Here is a list of most of the tools/platforms I use to communicate with customers and make sales:

Our Website: FlowerGiftKorea.com 

Our Facebook Fan Page: Facebook.com/flowergiftkorea

Our Email & Google Account: flowergiftkr@gmail.com

Our Phone Number: 010-4363-2629

Our WhatsApp: 010-4363-2629

Our Instagram: Instagram.com/flowergiftkorea

Our Twitter: Twitter.com/FlowerGiftKorea

Our Kakao ID: FlowerGiftKorea

My Linkedin Profile: Tony on Linkedin.com

In this podcast I talk about which platforms are bringing in the most sales and which ones are not bringing in that many sales. However, I do explain how all of the above platforms/tools are important in getting leads and sales because people find out about us through various mediums.

Check out the podcast to hear in detail about where my sales have been made.

Also, you can check out the interview on me by Stephen from HalandsteveEnglish.com 

MIK 050: Starting a Business in Korea – Advertising and Getting the Word Out

This is the third episode in a series of podcasts where I talk about starting a business in Korea.

This episode is about advertising and getting the word out about your business. I mention some ways I spread the message about the projects and businesses I operated in the past and continue to operate till this day.

Here is a list of the businesses/projects I mention in this episode.

Business 1: www.etvdo.com

Business 2: Business Network Korea

Business 3: English Tutoring

Business 4: IGL English Education

Business 5: HagwonStart.com Guide and ebook

Business 6: MarketinginKorea.com

Business 7: FlowerGiftKorea.com Flowers and Gifts

In this podcast I share more about about how I have used paid advertising for my hagwon business and the Flower Business, and how I didn’t pay for any advertising with a lot of the other ones.

I pretty much touch on a lot of different things I have done, but I don’t go in depth into one specific business. I will record more episodes where I will go deeper into one of the businesses I was successfully able to advertise.

Check out the podcast to hear in detail about what I did to advertise my businesses.

MIK 049: Starting a Business in Korea – Making Your Very First Sale

This is the second episode in a series of podcasts where I talk about starting a business in Korea.

This episode is about making your very first sale as a business person. That means money that does not come from a paycheck or from your parents, but from someone who has decided to give you money for something that you offer. Making your very first sale is very important and I share how my first sales for 5 different businesses helped motivate me and pushed me in the right direction.

If you don’t have time to listen to the podcast, I will list the first sales for my 5 businesses right here:

Business 1: Business Network Korea

I founded a networking event called Business Network Korea in 2012 and made my very first sale (entrance fee) some time in August 2012.

Business 2: IGL English Education

I started my own small hagwon in early 2013 and made my very first sale some time in March 2013.

Business 3: Affiliate Marketing off Various Websites

I did some affiliate marketing off of some of the websites I ran and currently run, and made my first sales sometime in 2014.

Business 4: HagwonStart.com Guide and ebook

I created this website to help anyone start a small hagwon in South Korea. There is a startup guide as well as an eBook for sale. I made my very first sale of my information product in March 2015.

Business 5: FlowerGiftKorea.com Flowers and Gifts

One of our past guests, Jessica Fry, decided to send flowers to her Mother living in Seoul. So, we were able to make our very first sale in April 2016, the same month we launched our online Flower Gift Store! Actually, we made our very first sale for this business on the very day we launched the business!

In this podcast I share more about about my first sales and about the realities of getting your first sale in any given business. There are a bunch of factors involved in getting your first sale and I share from my experience what they were for me.

If you haven’t made your first sale yet, don’t lose hope. It can take awhile to get the ball rolling in a new business. However, if you haven’t made any sales in the first few months, ask people for their opinion and receive some constructive feedback.

Check out the podcast to hear in detail about my first sale for my 5 businesses and other related information.

Links to Past MIK Guests I Mention in the podcast:

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MIK 048: Starting a Business in Korea: Think, Plan, Fail, Adjust, Wait, Repeat

This episode is the first episode in a series of podcasts where I talk about starting a business in Korea.

I’ve been able to start and maintain a small hagwon business called IGL English, which is located in Seocho, Gangnam. I also have created a blog that documents some of my experiences specifically in the hagwon industry, so anyone looking to start a hagwon one day can learn some tips. You can check out the blog/site by visiting hagwonstart.com Also, I’ve started a whole bunch of other things prior to my hagwon, some worked, and some didn’t work at all.

One of the things I started awhile back was, “Business Network Korea”. It was a place for foreigners to meet Koreans for the purpose of doing business. It started off great and there was even an article about in the Korea Herald. Here’s a link to the article: Ready, set, meet: Business Network Korea hosts speed networking for entrepreneurs . However, I couldn’t continue it and two other people took it over and further expanded it.

In this podcast I share more about my experiences starting some businesses in Korea and share some things to expect. The most recent business I have started is FlowerGiftKorea.com which is a flowers and gifts delivery service in Korea. It is catered to English speaking people all around the world who want to send a gift to someone in Korea. I started it with my wife, my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law. So, I have fresh information and comments regarding starting a business in Korea.

It’s not easy to start a business. It takes careful planning, adjusting, patience, and a lot of hard work. But, there are a lot of rewards that come with starting your own business.

Check out the podcast to hear what I learned from my experience trying to start various businesses, making my first sales for my various businesses, and what to expect if you are planning on starting a business in Korea one day.

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