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  • The Real Truth

    You are currently on page 3 of google for several keywords. This isn’t bad, but isn’t ideal either. Are you currently focusing on free ‘guerilla’ style marketing? Or just social media? Your competitors are pretty weak. A few months of sustained google marketing would push you ahead of most of them. I am not an online marketer, but a list of 5-10 key phrases over the course of three months of sustained work could land you on page one in the top 1-5 on the first page. I currently pay a marketing group I’ve been using approximately $300 a month to maintain my page 1 rankings on google for 10 specific keywords. $300 isn’t pocket change, but within 3-6 months, business effectively doubled from the point where I started trying to do the marketing myself. Once you hit page 1, you can branch out into other areas of the same business, like greeting cards, birthday gifts, etc. You can also partner up with online dating sites, which would be a golden source of customers.

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      Thank you so much for the advice. Marketing in Korea was more so for networking purposes then for making money. I just don’t have the heart to grow Marketing in Korea any more. But I do like to share my thoughts about being an entrepreneur in Korea and business related things in Korea, which is why I made http://entrepreneurkorea.com This site will serve as an archive of past interviews with business people in Korea. But I won’t be adding any new content to this site anytime soon. Thank you once again for your comment!